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My mission is to provide a safe environment in which you can grow, come to know yourself more deeply, and find ways to move closer to your goals. Theoretical orientations and bodies of study that influence me include solution focused, depth, family systems, attachment, social justice/anti-oppression/liberation health, client-centered, interpersonal neurobiological, cognitive behavioral, Internal Family Systems, existential, and more. My aim is to employ interventions that work best for individual clients.

Psychotherapy works best when the goals are determined jointly by therapist and client. These goals can involve behavior, emotions, and self-awareness. Examples of possible goals include: improving relationships, reducing stress or overwhelming feelings, feeling better, improving life satisfaction, etc. We will continually evaluate and revise your goals as needed. We may be an especially good fit to work together if you are motivated to create change in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and you see therapy as an active, collaborative process of mutual learning and new possibility.


As a therapist my intention is to always keep the cultural context of a situation or relationship present in my mind to the best of my ability. My theoretical framework for counseling is multicultural and relational because I believe that who we are, and how we have been socialized is a critical factor to how we experience our current cultural context and our mental health. I realize that my clients will understand their identities more intimately than I do and I welcome feedback about this piece of my clients’ experiences with life as well as therapy.

Social Justice

I am on an in-progress, life-long journey to understand the importance of culture, privilege, racism, ableism, heterosexism, gender oppression, classism, ageism. etc. I believe these social and contextual elements play an important role in our lives and impact our mental health, opportunities and liabilities, and relationships.

Clinical Supervision

I receive clinical supervision by supervisors bound by the same ethics and confidentiality laws that I am. I will discuss clinical issues about clients with them to receive supervision for the purpose of ensuring that I am providing ethical and therapeutic clinical care. You may ask me at any time for more information about supervision and your privacy.